Home Inspection NY

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Selling a home is exciting yet deceivingly stressful. Let Home Inspection NY be your trusted partner in bringing your home to market. We highly recommend using our professional published reports as a marketing tool. We can advise you on pre-listing repairs and help you to showcase your house.

Inspections include all visible and readily accessible areas of the structure listed below. After the inspection is complete, you will receive your inspection report, which is available digitally and in print.

All home inspections are completed to the expectation set forth by the NYS Standards of Practice (SOP). Those standards can be found here.

Major Home Systems Inspected

  • Exterior

  • Roof

  • Ventilation

  • Electrical

  • Cooling

  • Structural

  • Insulation

  • Interior

  • Heating

  • Plumbing

Home Inspections Starting at $325

Sellers Residential Consultation

Your local market is on fire! There are simply too few houses and too many buyers. Your agent is recommending you skip the inspection or face losing the house of your dreams to another buyer! What can you do?

You are about to make the biggest financial decision of your life! Taking the risk on an "as-is" house could pay off or it might help you buy your own personal money pit.

At Home Inspection NY we understand the pressure to buy and we are excited to offer some help with your concerns. We offer in-person walking consultations with you in your favorite house. We like to think of it like Google or Amazon reviews. Get an experienced inspector's eye to look over your shoulder. Sure, it isn't as in-depth as a home inspection but it could save you hundreds of dollars and it will provide peace of mind.

Residential Consultation starting at $150

Additional Services for Sellers

You may be asking if I am paying for a home inspection why are there additional services? That's a great question. New York State has created the Standards of Practice (SOP) for home inspectors. Those standards can be viewed here. The standards were established to protect home buyers by creating a minimum standard or expectation for a home inspection. No buyer, having paid for a home inspection will receive less than the SOP's in NYS by an NYS licensed inspector. At Home Inspection NY we don't settle for the minimum, we go above and beyond, but not all homes require the additional services that we provide. We could just bundle it all together, but without fail our clients would end up paying for services you don't need. For those clients that do need the additional services, we offer discounts for additional services scheduled with a residential home inspection.

Radon Sampling

A short-term (48 hour) test is performed to determine the possible presence of elevated levels of radon gas per EPA and ANSI-AARST real estate transaction recommendations. Our inspectors are NRPP Certified and AARST compliant. We use state-of-the-art equipment that is registered and calibrated per industry guidelines. Home Inspection NY will also provide guidance and recommendations for mitigation in the event that you receive results above the EPA recommended action level.

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Radon Inspection: $175

**Save $25 when scheduled with a Home Inspection**

Water Quality Sampling

What's in your water? Whether you have public or private water it can become contaminated by the time it hits your glass. Your home may be the largest contributor to your overall health and the health of your family. Are you sure that you are drinking clean water? Let home inspection NY collect water samples to test for Lead, Arsenic, Nickle, Coliform and E. coli bacteria, and many more contaminants. Home Inspection NY will also provide guidance and recommendations for mitigation in the event that you receive results above EPA recommended action levels.

Home inspection NY uses only NYS-certified testing labs for accurate, and expedient results you can trust.

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Water Sampling: Starting at $59

**Save $25 when scheduled with a Home Inspection**