Home Inspection NY

Home Inspection NY provides you with NYS licensed and fully insured inspectors that value your time. Your inspector takes their knowledge of construction and dedication to excellent customer service to create a positive home inspection experience. Your inspector applies the highest standards and always goes above and beyond for you, our clients before, during, and after the inspection is complete. Your inspector looks to educate you and help you make informed decisions on the purchase of a home. Let us help you save money and give you peace of mind as your trusted partner.

Home Inspection & Consultations

Buying a home is one of the biggest and most expensive financial decisions of your life. Home Inspection NY inspectors review all visible and readily accessible areas of the structure to determine the overall condition of the property. We will also go over tips on how to maintain your home. After the inspection is complete, you will receive your inspection report. We are here before, during, and long after the inspection as your trusted partner.

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Pre-Sale Inspection & Consultations

It isn't just your home, it's your castle. You remodeled, you improved, you maintained, and you made your house into the home it is today. At Home Inspection NY we understand the pride you take in your home. We also understand how hard it can be to sell your home and maybe more importantly how hard it can be to have some home inspector digging through your home. The old adage "Inspect to reject" has its merit. Inspectors are looking critically at your home on behalf of the buyer. Don't let yourself be surprised. Get a Pre-sale inspection or consultation and let Home Inspection NY be your trusted partner.

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Radon Sampling

The presence of radon in homes and commercial buildings is virtually undetectable to the senses. Because you can’t see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, or hear it, the only way to expose unhealthy levels of this hazardous gas is to undergo radon testing. NRPP Certified inspectors will collect samples per AARST standards and provide you with trusted results.

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Water Quality Sampling

What's in Your Water? Drinking water can expose you to harmful chemicals you can't see, taste, or smell. Home Inspection NY is equipped to collect a certified laboratory sample to identify potential risks in your home's drinking water. We offer services for both private water and public water systems that can identify both external and internal contaminants. Let Home Inspection NY provide you with results you can trust.

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